R/V Pelican - Specifications

Water Supply

Salt Water
The primary source for clean, sample quality seawater is provided by a 80 gpm, continuous flow pump with the discharge located on the port and starboard side aft 01 deck. Clean seawater is also available in the bottle lab from the MIDAS system discharge at 60 gpm. All hose fitting are standard �" female. The R/V Pelican has a saltwater manifold available for scientific use upon request.

Saltwater is also available from the sinks in the wetlab and drylab. However, this water comes from a storage tank onboard and is not recommended for sampling.

Fresh Water
Fresh water is supplied to the ship through a reverse osmosis system running from the Engine Room of the vessel. The system is a Sea Recovery Reverse Osmosis Desalination system providing freshwater to be used throughout the entire ship. In a single day the system produces roughly 800 gallons (3,028 liters) of fresh, usable water, roughly 33 gallons in a single hour. The fresh water is used in all sinks, showers and toilets aboard the ship. The system also provides fresh water to the deck through a hose located forward, against the bulkhead on the aft deck.

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