R/V Pelican - Specifications

Upper Deck

The Upper deck is 936 sq. ft. and above labs, galley and mess. The ship's hydro winches and 2 aft control stations are located on this deck. A aft control station contains complete ship's controls including bow thruster, winch controls, A-frame controls, remote readouts for winches, and a VHF radio and intercom. This station gives full view of main deck and is enclosed with air-conditioning.

Ship's navigation (radar domes, GPS antennas) and communication antennas are located above the wheelhouse. Air conditioner compressors are mounted centerline above the staterooms.

A Shared Use Area in the cabin on the Upper Deck has limited dry counter space and a shared use computer available for use by the science party.


Other items on this deck include:

  • Life Rafts: Two 10 man and two 12 man inflatable life rafts are located along the rail mid-ships port and starboard. Extra life jackets (21) are carried in a locker on the port aft railing.
  • Life rings: 8 total, 4 with water lights.
  • Damage control locker: Located aft on the 01 deck house. This locker contains equipment to be used by the ship's crew during emergencies.
There is very little unused space on this deck. Some scientific gear (coring pipe, containers, etc.) can be stored along the rails and under stairwells leading to bridge.
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