R/V Pelican - Specifications

Aft Deck

The main deck is 1,200 sq. ft. from the aft bulkhead of the cabin to the transom. There are 16 ft. wide bulwark openings on the transom and 2 openings port (4') and starboard (7'5") aft of the cabin. Tie-downs are located centerline in the deck on approximately 2' and 4'centers.

Located along the aft bulkhead of the main cabin are: ship's power (208V 3phase 30 and 60 amp, 277/480V 3phase 40 and 50 amp, 120V single phase 20 amp), running seawater (total capacity: 15 gpm and 100 gpm seawater located on port and starboard), fresh water, and 120 psi compressed air. Over-the-side handling gear includes a trawl winch/A-frame, J-frame and crane. An access to a void compartment for storage of large scientific gear (boxes and containers) is located starboard aft.


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