R/V Pelican - History

The history of ships named "Pelican" dates back to the early 1700's during colonization and settlement of the Louisiana area.


R/V Pelican (1985-current)

The newest Pelican evolved from a research vessel concept developed by a group of scientists from universities throughout the Gulf coast. She has four laboratories and is capable of taking 16 scientists to sea for periods up to three weeks at a time. R/V Pelican is based at LUMCON's DeFelice Marine Center in Cocodrie, LA. 


M/V Pelican (1938)

This U.S Bureau of Fisheries vessel was built for fisheries research exploration in Newport News, Virginia. She was assigned to the Gulf Of Mexico in 1938. Working out of Gulfport, Mississippi, she conducted research resulting in the discovery of large populations of brown shrimp off the Louisiana coast.


Le Pelican (1693-1704)

In April of 1704, Le Pelican set sail from Rocheport, France, carrying some 24 "well-bred" girls to the fledgling colony of Louisiana. The founder of the colony requested that the Minister of Marine send the women colonists to increase the birth rate and to provide the restless Canadians incentive to settle down and become permanent residents of the colony.

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