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Scientific Computer System (SCS)

Scientific Computer System (SCS) is PC based data acquisition software written by software developers at NOAA (National Oceanic and Aeronautics Administration). The system is controlled by a rack mounted dual processor Digital Server 3000R with 21" monitor, and 10 gigabyte hard drive. A National...

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Appleton Crane

The Appleton crane is a pedestal mounted, articulating and extending, foldable boom unit designed for a marine environment. The crane consists of a mounting pedestal with a turntable bearing which supports the rotating portion of the crane. The rotating portion includes the crane turret, main...

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The stern mounted A-frame has an MWL of 21,250 lbs., a clearance height of 17' 8", and a clearance width of 15'. The A-frame is hydraulically powered and swings outboard to give a 6' 8" clearance over the stern. It is equipped with a modified General Oceanic trawl block designed for ½"...
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STBD side A-frame

Located on the starboard side main deck, and used in conjunction with both the Markey and Dynacon hydro winches. It has a MWL of 7,000 lbs, a clearance height of 17'(14' 1" and 13' 2" with use of blocks, see figure), and a clearance width of 8' 3'' through the loading gate.

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Capstan and Tugger Winch

Capstan Specifications:
Marco hydraulic; Line pull of 4,000 lbs.
Located on aft main deck. The capstan is used for handling loads suspended from A-Frame.

Tugger Winch:
Hydraulic; Maximum Line Pull of 2,000 lbs.
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Dynacon 805, Trawl Winch


  •     Overhead, Right-Angle Level wind System
  •     Local Control Station with Line Count, Line Speed and Line Tension
  •     Remote Control Station With Line Count, Line...
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MARKEY COM-7X, Oceanographic Winch

  • 2,400 meters of 0.322" dia. EM Cable
  • Wet weight of cable: 1.04 kg/m, 0.472 lbs/m, 0.144 lbs/ft
  • 3 conductor oceanographic cable.
  • Line pull of up to 1,200 lbs
  • Payout of 30-60 mpm (100-200...
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DYNACON 394-T, Oceanographic Winch

  • Job 394-T Hydraulically Powered Oceanographic Winch with 5,099m (16,725 ft) single conductor cable.
  • DYNACON Electro-Active Levelwind
  • Line pull of 3000 lb. @ bare drum,
  • Line speed 0-70 mpm (0-230...
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Anchor Windlass

  • Coastal Marine Equipment Model 1W07533-12-00 Single Horizontal Hydraulic Anchor Windlass
  • 10 shots of 3/4" chain
  • 7,400 lbs. maximum pull, Line Speed 30 FPM, 30,600 lbs maximum break holding.
  • Located forward of...
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  • Length: 21 1/2'
  • Height above waterline: 12'
  • Used for towing scientific equipment.
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Water Samplers

  • 12 position carousel with 5L bottles.
  • 12 position carousel with 20L bottles.
  • 24 position carousel with 12L bottles
  • messengers for serial bottle sampling on cable.
  • (1) inclinometer.
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Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) System:

The vessel's RD Instruments ADCP package includes 3 vessel mounted RDI transducers (1200, 300, and 75 kHz frequencies). Each transducer/deck unit is controlled by a dedicated PC and is interfaced with both the ship's...

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Wire Metering Blocks

  • (1) General Oceanics N4000, 0.25 meter instrumented counterbalanced block for 1/4 " wire.
  • (1) General Oceanics Model 4048 Series remote electronic readout.
  • (1) Modified General Oceanic Trawl Block with Southern Electric Metering System for 1/2"...
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Dive Compressor

(1) Bauer Model K14BP-E3 High Pressure Breathing Air Compressor and Cascade System.
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Scientific Echosounder:

  • Knudsen 320B series Deepwater Echosounder 320BR dual frequency deck unit
  • EDO 323B 12kHz, 200 Ohm impedance transducer
  • Airmar...
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Shipboard Communications

Equipment installed on PELICAN for communication purposes include the following:
  • 2 Standard Horizon Quantum VHF Marine Radios.
  • ICOM HF Marine IC-M802 Single Side Band marine radio located in wheelhouse.
  • handheld VHFs.
  • ...
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Computers And Networking

Science Network:
  • Terminals located in wetlab and drylab available for internet browsing and general use.
  • wired lan connections in wetlab, drylab, lounge, chief, and co-chief scientist cabins.
  • wireless access points throughout vessel
  • ...
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Located in wheelhouse:
  • Furuno SC-50 THD GPS and Satellite Compass
  • Furuno GPS Navagation GP-90
  • Furuno FAP-7011 Autopilot
  • MaxSea navigational software, capable of uploading waypoints in text format (Appendix C). Located in...
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17' aluminum hull safeboat, used for dive operations, small buoy retrieval, etc. Equipped with a 90 HP Evinrude motor.
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10' AVON inflatable, with floorboards. Equipped with 15 hp Johnson outboard motor. This small boat is usually stowed deflated. However, it may be used in conjunction with safe boat for cruised needing extensive small boat work, or as backup.
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Radioisotope Van

Portable 8' x 14' van with: 110 volt AC, running water, benches, fume hood, and air conditioning.
Contains the following:
  • (1) Scintillation Counter (Packard Instrument Company, 2100TR, Tri-Carb Liquid Scintillation Counter).
  • (1) 15" LCD...
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Clean Van / General Purpose

Portable 8'X20' van with: 110 volt AC, running hot, cold and saltwater, cabinets and drawers, clean air conditioning.
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CTD Instrumentation

Primary CTD Sensors
  • (2) Sea-Bird Electronics SBE-9+ Underwater Units with Digiquartz Pressure Sensor, 4127 and 6885 meter depth.
  • (2) Sea-Bird Electronics SBE-11 Deck Unit.
  • (6) Temperature Sensors (SBE 3-01/F) 6,800 meter depth.
  • ...
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Corers and Grabs

(3) 0.1 m2 Gomex type Stainless Steel Box Corers
  • Total height of box corer and stand: 165 cm (65 in)
  • Height of stand: 100 cm (39.5 in)
  • Stand width: 48 cm (19 in)
  • Stand length: 75 cm (29.5 in)
  • ...
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Additional Instrumentation

Additional Seabird Instrumentation

  • Sea-Bird SBE 19, SeaCat portable CTD with 4 data word capability, 600 meter depth rating.
  • Sea-Bird SBE 19, SeaCat portable pumped CTD with 4 data word capability and a 6,000 meter depth rating.
  • ...
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Dredges and Nets

  • (1) Wildco-Eckman standard dredge
  • (1) 1 meter biological dredge
  • (1) 40' otter trawl
  • (1) 100 yard gill net
  • (1) Wildco-Eckman standard dredge
  • (1) 1 meter biological dredge
  • (2) Peterson grabs
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Dive Gear

Bauer Model K14BP-E3 high pressure breathing air compressor
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Water Systems and Associated Gear

  • Nano-pure Diamond UV ultra-pure water de-ionization system. Providing Science grade de-ionized water, converted from RO water provided by the RO-pure system. Located forward, against the bulkhead, in the Wet Lab the system provides DI water with a flow rate of 15 lpm and a water...
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