ROV Cobia


LUMCON owns and operates the ROV COBIA, a Deep Ocean Engineering (DOE) Phantom HD2 survey class Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV). The ROV COBIA, along with the rest of LUMCON's research fleet, is administered through the Marine Operation Office at the marine center in Cocodrie Louisiana. The ROV can be leased independently or along with LUMCON's vessels R/V Pelican and R/V Acadiana.

The ROV COBIA is available for research and education programs of Consortium members, state and federal agencies, other non-profits, and oceanographic industries.

The ROV COBIA is a dependable ROV ideally suited for offshore surveillance and light work tasks.

This extremely robust design can handle moderate currents down to 300m (1000 ft). In it basic configuration the ROV dives with two high-resolution color cameras and lights, one fixed and one on a tilting mount. A DOE single function manipulator is carried on the lower forward right side. The ROV COBIA has power and room to spare, so mounting and supporting guest instrumentation is easily accomplished. CTD's, HD Sonar, diver support, and more have been performed successfully off this platform. Using survey grade navigation equipment the ROV's position can be logged and plotted at all times.

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Weight: 91kg (200 lb.)
Operating depth: 300m (1,000')
Overall length: 1,400mm (55")
Overall width: 686mm (27")
Maximum height: 673mm (26.5")

Performance - Forward Thrust

Normal: 25kg (56 lb.)
Full: 36kg (80 lb.)
Lateral thrust: 7kg (15 lb.)
Vertical thrust: 7kg (15 lb.)
Payload (with lateral thrust fitted): 4kg (10 lb.)

Power Requirements

Input voltage: 100-250vac
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Power rating: 4.5kva
User power available
- Instrumentation: 24vdc @ 8A
- Auxiliary power: 80vdc @ 0.6A


Tungsten-halogen 2 x 250 watt
3 settings


DOE 18:1 optical zoom high resolution color camera
PAL/NTSC>470 lines - 1/3" CCD
Sensitivity 1 Lux @ f1.4
Auto-iris, wide angle lens, viewing angle 7-58º
Auto / remote focus select
External motorized camera tilt + 90º
Built-in video switch for 2nd camera
1,000 m rated, recessed and hardened port


Fluid-gimbaled fluxgate compass: Accuracy: + 3o
Electronic depth gauge: Accuracy: + 1% fsd
Auto headling auto depth: standard
Audio feedback of ROV condition
Leak detector
Onscreen graphic video display

Umbilical Tether

Length: 338m (1,100')
Diameter: 20mm (0.8")
Weight in fresh water: neutral
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