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Appleton Crane

The Appleton crane is a pedestal mounted, articulating and extending, foldable boom unit designed for a marine environment. The crane consists of a mounting pedestal with a turntable bearing which supports the rotating portion of the crane. The rotating portion includes the crane turret, main boom, jib boom, two hydraulic extensions and two manual extensions. With the extensions, the crane is rated dynamically for 3,100 lbs at 40 feet. The crane is capable of operation with rated loads at list angles of up to 8 degrees. Furthermore, it is certified by the American Bureau of Shipping.

Lift Capacities:

Radius: Lifting Weight:
5 ft. 9 in. 22,500 lbs.
10 ft. 6 in. 14,750 lbs.
16 ft. 2 in. 9,550 lbs.
27 ft. 7 in. 6,800 lbs.
33 ft. 11 in. 4,000 lbs.
40 ft. 2 in. 3,100 lbs


Used primarily for loading vessel at dock and handling deck loads at sea.
Occasionally in deploying instruments overboard.

Appleton Crane Load Chart


Appleton Crane2

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