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Additional Instrumentation

Additional Seabird Instrumentation

  • Sea-Bird SBE 19, SeaCat portable CTD with 4 data word capability, 600 meter depth rating.
  • Sea-Bird SBE 19, SeaCat portable pumped CTD with 4 data word capability and a 6,000 meter depth rating.
  • (2) Sea-bird Electronics SBE 21 Thermosalinographs, Integrated into SCS.
  • (2) Remote Thermometer Sensors, SBE 38, Integrated into SCS.
Power Supplies
  • (4) Newmar 15 ampere 12 volt power supplies
  • (2) Five ampere 15 volt variable power supplies
Towed Packages
  • An Endeco One Meter ParaVane Wing is available and can be configured to mount a SBE 19 SeaCat, with the option of adding a Chelsea Fluorometer, Wetlabs Transmissometer, Dissolved Oxygen Sensors, and others.

  • Expendable Bathythermograph System (Sippican MK12 with hand-held launcher). 

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