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MARKEY COM-7X, Oceanographic Winch

  • 2,400 meters of 0.322" dia. EM Cable
  • Wet weight of cable: 1.04 kg/m, 0.472 lbs/m, 0.144 lbs/ft
  • 3 conductor oceanographic cable.
  • Line pull of up to 1,200 lbs
  • Payout of 30-60 mpm (100-200 fpm) depending on load. Light loads can be payed out at higher speeds while heavy loads must be payed out slower.
  • Fitted with IEC slip ring with up to 4 conducters.
  • Electronic readout: Measurement Technology LCI 90i winch monitor displaying line count, speed, and tension.
Located starboard aft 01 deck and used in conjunction with STBD side A-frame for conducting CTD casts.

Controls in aft control station, A.K.A. "Doghouse."

See manual for more specific technical specifications Markey Com7-X Manual

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