LUMCON vessels are designed and outfitted to support oceanographic research and educational activities.


R/V Pelican

The R/V Pelican is a 116 ft., coastal research vessel intended for use on the continental shelf in the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, and Western Atlantic. She has four laboratories and is capable of taking 14 scientists to sea for periods up to three weeks at a time.
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R/V Acadiana

The 58 ft. R/V Acadiana is available for short trips offshore and extended cruises in Louisiana coastal bays, rivers and estuaries, and nearshore waters. Can accomodate 25 scientists for day trips. Outfitted to support research and educational activities.
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Small Boats Fleet

LUMCON operates a number of small boats for use in the lakes, bays, and sounds of Louisiana. Most vessels are trailerable and come equipped with life saving equipment and navigational electronics. Available for charter alone, or in conjunction with the R/V Pelican.
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LUMCON owns and operates the ROV COBIA, a Deep Ocean Engineering (DOE) Phantom HD2 survey class Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV).
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Research Equipment

LUMCON owns operates and operates a variety of reasearch equipment that can be leased to qualifying institutions.
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